The Mercedes EQC, the brand’s initial standalone all-electrical passenger car, will soon be launched in India. It’s also the initial luxurious EV to go on sale listed here, and will be an significant brand name builder for Mercedes which, among other points, has completed perfectly to leapfrog its rivals. Indian market place apart, however, the German luxurious car maker has been late to the luxurious EV social gathering. A substantial distance behind Tesla, which has gone from zero to a million autos in a pretty brief span of time, Mercedes has a good deal of catching up to do.

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Mercedes’ initial foray in the all-electrical luxurious SUV section.

The good news is, the appetite for luxurious electrical autos only appears to be rising. Born of enough getting ability, the guarantee of eco-friendly ‘space age’ tech and the truth that most luxurious-car clients can easily install home chargers, demand from customers for luxurious EVs is on the rise. But what specifically does Merc’s imported EQC convey to the desk listed here in India? And is it value the quality it is probably to command?   

What is it?

Primarily based on the Mercedes GLC and not a dedicated EV system, the EQC comes with a modern-day flat battery put in between the wheels, twin asynchronous or induction motors, much like you would obtain on a Tesla (one particular for just about every axle), and four-wheel drive. Electrical energy is stored in the huge 85kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It consists of 384 cells and weighs in at a critically weighty 652kg that is the kerb body weight of a Maruti 800. The put together output from the twin motors stands at 408hp, and even extra significant is that torque is a huge 765Nm. Think twin-turbo diesel V8.

Curiously, the front electrical motor is engineered to provide increased performance, even though cruising and the one particular at the rear is tuned to produce extra efficiency. This is why, when cruising at a continual pace, the EQC is driven almost completely by the front motor. But, begin to accelerate, even carefully, and the rear motor swiftly requires more than. The EQC also receives torque vectoring to increase traction, a selection of five driver modes (with Activity at one particular stop and Max Vary at the other), and as on other EVs, you can change brake regeneration by way of a pair of paddles on the wheel.

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Overall put together output from the two motors is 408hp and 765Nm of peak torque.

With signature LED lights up front that operate all around the headlights and grille, the EQC will definitely stand out in a crowd. Add in the piano black grille and the twenty-inch wheels with their blue detailing, and EQC looks even extra dramatic. The sea-smoothened glimpse functions perfectly all around the rear, the bumper juts out properly to create a sound foundation and the Porsche-like connected tail-lights stand out way too. But even though the design is striking and receives your consideration, it does not shout Mercedes-Benz. In truth, cover the badge and you will struggle to discover it as a Mercedes. Anoraks (like us) will also detect there is a new font used on the badge at the rear, the coefficient of drag of this SUV stands at an spectacular .27cd, and the battery cooling method has a cubic ability of six-8 litres.

What’s it like inside?

The EQC’s inside strikes a greater stability in between conventional Mercedes and new-age electrical. Acquainted Mercedes bits incorporate the flat-panel displays (for infotainment and instrumentation) that are joined at the hip, the black and aluminum 3-spoke steering wheel, and the chromed and knurled switches on the central console. Even the trackpad and the toggle switches are conventional Merc fare.

New bits incorporate bronzed, flute-formed inserts in the vents, a extra steeply raked dash, a ribbed finish on the upper doorway pad and the optional, new-age products for the seats. But even though the cabin plainly does glimpse ‘techy’ and modern-day, Merc’s delicate touch of course has taken a bit of a again seat listed here.     

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The inside is familiar, but decidedly modern-day.

House is comparable on the inside to the GLC and given that the two autos are crafted on the exact same wheelbase, legroom at the rear listed here is ample and comparable way too. The seat is a bit minimal, because of to the floor becoming elevated marginally for the battery, but it is also quite relaxed with ample thigh aid and a properly reclined backrest. The EQC also receives the most recent edition of Merc’s MBUX method, which listed here receives a new ‘EQ’ sub menu.

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Legroom at the rear is ample and the seat is relaxed while the floor has been marginally elevated to accommodate the underfloor battery pack.

While the comprehensive function record has not been introduced for the EQC, and the autos that go on sale will be unique from the ones we are driving, we can confirm you will get functions like seven airbags, Attention Assist, linked car tech, a sunroof and a voice assistant. Radar-centered cruise management, 3 dimensional maps and the Heads Up Exhibit, however, will not make it to the function record. Purchasers will get an 8-calendar year battery ‘cover’ while.

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What’s it like to drive?

Larger refinement is one particular of the pillars on which the Mercedes-Benz brand name has been crafted. The E-course, the S-course, and even the C-course, for case in point, plainly experience extra refined than their rivals. And this is genuine of the EQC as perfectly. Excess insulation has been used to encapsulate the cabin, the electrical motors use rubber mounts for greater sound suppression and the EQC also receives double-glazed windows that more assistance mute sounds from exterior, so the EQC feels particularly refined on the move. Tyre roar is superbly suppressed, both equally at medium and significant speeds, there is pretty very little wind sound and then, even on ‘textured’ surfaces, road sound is not way too much.

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Cabin insulation is wonderful.

In typical electrical car vogue, the EQC also feels pretty torquey in ‘Sport’ mode. That initial strike of thrust is in close proximity to quick and quite sturdy, and if you retain the stress on the accelerator pedal, even though the price of acceleration plateaus, the EQC still pulls forward in one particular seamless surge. Wish there was a bit extra in the way of drama while the scientific efficiency is so cold, driving it almost feels like a non-occasion. And that is regardless of the SUV becoming able of carrying out -100kph in seconds. The EQC is also pretty linear and sleek, so driving it at medium speeds is quick and stress-free.

Also, even though the EQC has enough grip, the steering is a bit aloof, and the two.four-tonne EQC rolls a bit in tighter corners. However, Merc’s initial all-electrical SUV feels neat, safe and predictable. It is not entertaining to drive, for each se, but you do tend to take pleasure in the sturdy efficiency and carrying pace simply into corners feels great way too.

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The EQC pulls forward from standstill in one particular seamless surge.

With the weighty battery slung in between the wheels, journey at selected speeds and more than fewer-than-excellent surfaces is marginal it does not quite flatten the road effectively, there is often some pitter patter or up-and-down movement, and what’s worse is that it also feels a bit jittery more than smaller bumps.

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Underslung battery pack implies you can expect to have to navigate pace breakers with care.

A extra critical trouble related with the underslung battery is the lousy ground clearance. Small sufficient to get the battery to ‘thunk’ onto pace breakers, this is a trouble you really do not be expecting to come upon with an SUV. So recognizing these pace breakers early is significant, you have to crawl more than gingerly and even some poor roadways want to be driven more than with caution.

Vary and charging

The EQC has a claimed range of upwards of 450km. While this is plainly a bit optimistic, you can be expecting a genuine-globe range of all around 350-375km, when the EQC is driven in a mindful fashion. Mercedes will provide and install a wall-box charger at your residence, and even though that capabilities at seven.5Kw and requires ten hrs for a comprehensive demand, you can also demand by way of a regular 15A plug at 3.4Kw, getting a leisurely 21 hrs. Of training course, you will not often demand a completely drained battery, so these periods can be halved in truth. And Mercedes is also setting up to established up a number of 50Kw quick chargers on popular routes exterior town, in which a espresso halt could get you a brief ‘top-up’ for a lengthy journey. 

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A genuine-wrold range of about 350-370km can be predicted.  

Need to I obtain one particular?

At an predicted price of all around Rs one crore, the EQC will be costly. This is particularly genuine if you take into account that Mercedes sells its personal comprehensive-size seven-seat luxurious SUV, the GLS, for all around the exact same price. Then there’s the ground clearance difficulty you just just cannot drive it with abandon like you would drive a regular SUV and, for a car at this price, it is not specifically function-rich either.

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Buying a luxurious EV nowadays, however, is extra about earning a statement, and listed here the EQC hits the ball out of the park. The combo punch of the Mercedes brand name, all-electrical drive and an SUV profile need to obtain a great deal of takers. And it even drives perfectly. Easy, silent and  very refined, it feels as hushed on the inside as some of Merc’s flagship autos. And then, when you place your foot down, there’s a great deal of efficiency way too. In truth, client response is so great, Merc insiders say they have presently sold a nutritious quantity of autos. The shift to electrical autos seems to have started.

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