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Arctic Trucks Builds A Ford F-150 That Eats Snow For Breakfast

Arctic Trucks has built a reputation in making tough pickup trucks that look the part. You may have heard the name from the Toyota Hilux and Land Cruiser that the company prepared for Top Gear‘s expedition to the Magnetic North Pole in 2007, as well as the beastly VW Amarok that it modified last year.

Simply put, Arctic Trucks has already made a name for itself for quite a time now, and we think it will continue to do so with great strides.

There’s just one problem, though – the Icelandic tuner isn’t really known to touch

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Top Five: How Covid-19 could change the way we drive

With lockdowns in effect around the world to stem the spread of Covid-19, life has suddenly seemed to stand still – all daily tasks like commuting to work, going out for coffee, meeting friends in a bar put on hold.

However, some small glimmers of a return to life as we knew it are on the horizon, with restrictions easing in China, and discussion of a relaxation of rules taking place in Europe.

It’s likely that many established activities will revert back to pre-corona – the thought of a vacation somewhere exotic just a plane ride away is getting many

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McLaren Senna Upgraded By Novitec To Nearly 890 Horsepower

The Senna is not the type of car you’d be tempted to think would pique the interest of tuners since McLaren has already dialed the hardcore machine to 11. For those looking for an extreme version, there’s always the track-only GTR version with more power and less weight to carry around. Should you be looking for a meaner Senna without having to be confined to the circuit, Novitec has created a solution.

The tuner’s program for the supercar named after one of Formula 1’s greatest drivers includes an upgraded specification of the twin-turbo 4.0-liter engine. In stock form, the V8

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Pawan Goenka, Auto News, ET Auto

Pawan Goenka feels that the government of India can look at disruptive intervention post-COVID to grow the industry and promote make in India.
Pawan Goenka feels that the government of India can look at disruptive intervention post-COVID to grow the industry and promote make in India.

New Delhi: The OEMs along with suppliers and dealers might start becoming irrational upon getting back into the cycle post-lockdown as they will be under tremendous pressure to ramp up the volume and sell more vehicles, said Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) in an ETAuto Townhall- Thought Leader’s Vision in Crisis, conducted on Monday, requesting everyone to remain rational.

Voicing his concern he added, “It is going to cause more damage to the industry

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