The Camry’s physique has developed gymnasium-buff, but don’t permit that scare you: It is even now a gentle companion, one with a soft trip in any configuration. It is a 6 for general performance.

Camrys come with one of a few engines. Base cars and trucks get a two.5-liter inline-four that sends 203 hp to its front wheels via an eight-pace automated. All-wheel travel is an optional enhance with the base engine only on some trim levels for all-temperature traction. It is the enough performer of the bunch, a small grumbly at lessen speeds, never ever excessively eager, constantly outshined by its siblings. It is such a Jan.

The 301-hp 3.5-liter V-6 on the alternatives chart is a odd flex for a car or truck like the Camry, but we’ll acquire it. It gushes with great V-6 seems, pours out wonderful passing power, and since it’s only offered in XSE and XLE trim, will come bundled with capabilities that ordinarily would don Lexus drag.

Nevertheless, we’d choose the Camry Hybrid for ourselves and for mates and family members. It is equipped with a 176-hp model of the inline-four, one teamed with batteries and a motor for a web 208 hp. It is as reasonable in rate as the base car or truck, but it operates nicely with the electronic constantly variable transmission (CVT). 

It is simple to divide trip and dealing with in the Camry family members with a one letter. If it has an “L” in it, it’s tuned for uncomplicated-heading steering, enough physique lean in corners, gentle tires and a softly composed trip. “S” Camrys get lessen trip peak, much more starch in their suspensions, much more excess weight in their steering, and much more grippy tires. They’re much more entertaining than an LE or XLE, and don’t have the added couple of hundred kilos of the Hybrid Camry to weigh them down.

The ultra-Camry TRD usually takes issues in an unanticipated path. The 301-hp sport version will get a much more buttoned-down suspension with even lessen trip peak, thicker anti-sway bars, and stiffer dampers along with much more physique bracing and greater brakes. It is the enthusiast’s preference, and makes by itself identified with a cat-back exhaust and summer months-tire grip—it’s a Nissan Maxima rival that does not go much too considerably down a sport-sedan useless-stop road.

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