To management the Chevrolet Corvette SAM automobile, Schmidt employs head actions, tilting his head one particular way or the other even though putting on a specific Arrow-designed headset with infrared emitters. The infrared light-weight from those people emitters is picked up by a pair of cameras mounted on the dashboard. Acceleration and braking are handled by a sip-and-puff product a tube is routed in front of the driver’s mouth, into which he either inhales or exhales to utilize the throttle and brakes.

If that all seems dangerous, never fret Schmidt will have a co-driver for the party, racing driver Robby Unser, with a different established of controls he can use to consider in excess of ought to something go incorrect. What is far more, Schmidt is no first-timer, getting pushed demo laps in the C7 SAM automobile at the 2014 Indy 500, and even working with an upfitted C7 Z06 to drive in the Pikes Peak Global Hill Climb.