Speaking to German outfit BimmerToday, Bovensiepen was asked about the likely for an electrical Alpina, to which he stated, “We have shoppers especially in Europe who travel 30,000 to fifty,000 kilometers a year. [9 months] ago we carried out a buyer survey on the matter of hybrids and BEVs (battery-electrical vehicles). Our shoppers at this time truly feel no demand for battery-electrical versions.”

But why not? Basically set, an Alpina is a car or truck you purchase to take pleasure in. Bovensiepen continues: “This is also because of to the substantial mileage: Alpina shoppers, especially in Germany, want to travel fast and accelerate really hard – then, of program, vary is continue to an difficulty. Our shoppers normally use their BMW Alpina as their 1st auto, as a “everyday desire car or truck.” If you were to transfer an eight-cylinder [engine’s] driving actions to a BEV, then the vary would likely be a greatest of 200 kilometers. Primarily when I want to travel fast, that simply would not operate. That is why we are intentionally holding again. The market is not nevertheless ready for our shoppers.”