If you find that the new Mercedes G-Class isn’t practical enough, the folks at Brabus have got you covered with this high-performance, off-road pickup. The Brabus 800 XLP will make its debut at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. 

Taking the current Mercedes-AMG G63 as a base, the engineers at Brabus HQ have grafted on a pick-up truck load bed without compromising rear cabin space. To achieve this, the wheelbase of the donor car has been extended by 50cm. To boost the vehicle’s looks and off-road capabilities, Brabus has also equipped it with suspension and portal axles developed especially for the purpose.

Power is supplied by the 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 in Brabus 800 PowerXtra + specification, which produces a dramatic 789bhp and 999Nm of torque. With it, the Brabus 800 Adventure XLP sprints from zero to 62mph in just 4.8 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 130mph due to the higher centre of gravity and the 22-inch all-terrain tires.

Fuel economy and CO2 emissions are quoted as 20mpg combined and 345g/km so running costs are going to be on the expensive side. 

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Prices for the Brabus 800 Adventure XLP ‘First Edition’ start at £395,766 rising to £677,312 for the Geneva show car. The latter does include the Wingcopter – a 150mph ‘high-end drone’ – on the back, though.

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