Only 500 examples of the Lexus LFA supercar ended up built in a two-year period starting in late 2010. At the time, the V10-powered equipment was regarded as the embodiment of everything the Japanese automaker was technologically able of. To this working day, the LFA continues to be at the major of quite a few people’s lists of best cars and trucks of all time. Even the current-working day Lexus LC 500 halo model has nonetheless to accomplish this stage of position. You experienced to be rich in purchase to purchase 1, but that would not signify all rich consumers have fantastic taste. This chrome-protected Lexus LFA is a key illustration.

Up for sale on Germany’s is this chrome-wrapped 2011 LFA with just 541 miles on its odometer. The price? one,049,600 euros, which contains the 19 % VAT. That arrives to about $one,136,000 in accordance to latest exchange fees.