We suspect at least a couple individuals out there have considered about a new Cadillac supercar ever due to the fact the C8 Corvette debuted. It would not be the to start with time Cadillac available a luxury functionality device with ties to the ‘Vette, and who could neglect the edgy Cadillac Cien mid-motor concept auto from 2002? It would seem like a new Corvette-based mostly Caddy supercar would be a no-brainer, but alas, practically nothing is in the works.

The folks at Competitiveness Carbon usually are not fascinated in ready any extended. Specializing in physique kits for Corvettes, this aftermarket firm is having a bit far more ambitious with a new project named the C120R. The bones of this proposed supercar are continue to that of a C8 Corvette, but the physique is all new. In an announcement posted to Instagram again in November, the firm exposed a head-on graphic while exclusively referencing the Cadillac Cien as the inspiration for its design and style. In subsequent posts, Competitiveness Carbon even claims output Cadillac taillights are utilised.


If you are acquainted with the Cadillac Cien, you’ll know it featured a unique Northstar V12 motor nestled guiding the driver. While renderings show a pretty C8 Z06-type heart-exit exhaust process, Competitiveness Carbon promises the C120R’s pipes will be related to a V12 just like the Caddy.


In fact, it will be Toyota-driven making use of the 1GZ-FE 12-cylinder borrowed from the Toyota Century. It would seem like an odd selection for an edgy supercar, but renderings displaying a customized intake manifold for the motor propose it won’t be a easy motor swap.


It’s vital to note that at this time, all our info on the C120R comes entirely as a result of Carbon Competition’s a lot of Instagram posts. The auto is continue to in advancement, although Carbon Competitiveness claims it can be output-prepared with physique panels at present staying printed. The supreme approach is to have it prepared for the 2022 SEMA Clearly show, although it can be unclear if the auto will be available as a physique update to Corvettes, or in constrained output as a standalone car or truck.