Japan is identified for many issues, including its really like for little automobiles they Kei. These puny devices are ubiquitous on Japanese roadways mostly mainly because of their practicality and performance. As this kind of, if you are going to get the chance to take a look at the Land of the Increasing Sunlight, never be surprised to see little, boxy minivans this kind of as this just one – the Toyota Roomy.

Technically, the Toyota Roomy isn’t really a Kei car or truck mainly because of its 1.-liter engine but by dimension, it does not deviate significantly. And of course, the little minivan only has 98 inches (2,490 millimeters) of wheelbase.

Despite its dimension, Toyota is eager on giving its cutesy minivan the Gazoo Racing treatment. Very well, at least in parts and extras – kind of an updated edition of the prior TRD parts.  Noticed around at the official GR parts web page, the Toyota Roomy is readily available for dressing up with find GR parts as found in the gallery higher than.

These include things like a set of aero parts: entrance and rear bumper spoilers, alongside with facet skirts. You can even get the entrance bumper spoiler with LEDs to improve the glimpse. Other parts include side mudguards, entrance under stripe, facet under stripe (plating), rear under stripe, fog lamp garnish, grille garnish, rear reflector with garnish, and rear fog lights.

Mundane parts are also readily available, this kind of as window visors, doorway manage protectors, and a license plate body in carbon-fiber complete. The web site delivers an aluminum tape with the GR symbol, just in case that is your jam.

If you locate these GR parts as well tame for your taste, Modellista, a well known Japanese aftermarket agency, also delivers visible updates for the Toyota Roomy. And of course, we know this isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea, but hey, it truly is Japan. You should not be surprised at all given their automotive culture.