Firemen need a fire truck, though policemen demand a rapidly cruiser to chase the undesirable fellas. Even the army and marines on the discipline need armored trucks to face up to any explosive assaults. Pointless to say, difficult careers need equally difficult motor vehicles. That’s why celeb meteorologist Reed Timmer has a rig to use for what he does very best – chasing tornadoes, storms, or any freak that mother nature could assume of.

Timmer starred on Discovery Channel’s actuality collection identified as Storm Chaser, the documentary movie Twister Glory, and on the collection Twister Chasers. He tends to make cash by exploring these storms, and by exploring I indicate he actually chases them.

Of system, Timmer’s position requirements some thing that could face up to everything mother nature could throw at it. In this case, it truly is the Dominator three, which, guessing by the variety designation, is Timmer’s third just one yet. Now don’t question me what happened to the other two.

In accordance to Timmer on his stop by to Jay Leno’s Garage, his Dominator three is a previous Ford Tremendous Duty truck. It remained all inventory below the hood – a PowerStroke V8 diesel that tends to make 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and 800 pound-ft (1,085 Newton-meters) of torque – but as you can see in the movie embedded on prime, the relaxation are massively modified. Of course, all those are gull-wing doorways you are seeking at, and they are reinforced with 16-gauge steel and polyethylene Kevlar composite for extra safety from projectiles.

Another modification in Timmer’s Dominator is its airbag suspension, which makes it possible for the truck to reduce alone to the floor in an prompt. This eliminates the place underneath that air could go by, possibly flipping more than the rig when enduring winds of superior-velocity.

There are other modifications on the truck and Leno even examined the Dominator three employing a superior-driven jet. Enjoy the movie on prime to see what happened.