Psyonix states you can unlink platforms and switch primaries if you change your thoughts, but you won’t be able to connection any system you eliminate to a further Epic Online games account. When it arrives to goods in your stock, the attribute will make it possible for you to share all acquired no cost drops, season benefits, store buys, Rocket Go goods, blueprints and Rocket League-branded DLC. However, you can not share system-distinctive goods and credits. You can not share Premium DLC Packs, as very well, but Psyonix is functioning to make them obtainable across platforms in the long term.

Ultimately, the developer has clarified that you can only trade ordered goods on the system you purchased them on to minimize the danger of fraud. You can not hop onto Xbox to trade some thing you purchased on PlayStation, for instance. You’ll also need at minimum five hundred Credits to trade, except you have been playing Rocket League before no cost to play’s launch.

This short article by Mariella Moon initial appeared on Engadget.

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