• Honda Motor Europe is expanding its partnership with SNAM to recycle finish-of-lifetime batteries from hybrids and electric motor vehicles in Europe
  • SNAM is investigating the risk of utilizing batteries in a ’second life’ for the storage of renewable electricity in industrial apps
  • New hydrometallurgy procedures allow extraction and recycling of components from batteries not acceptable for a 2nd-lifetime application
  • Dedicated net system allows sellers to request Europe-vast selection of made use of batteries


Honda Motor Europe is expanding its battery recycling partnership with SNAM (Société Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux) to progress the sustainable usability of its finish-of-lifetime traction batteries. The pan-European arrangement will see SNAM gather and recycle batteries from Honda’s increasing number of hybrid and electric motor vehicles and either most likely prepare them for ‘second-life’ renewable electricity storage makes use of or extract valuable components for recycling if they are not acceptable for that function.


Honda and SNAM have labored jointly considering that 2013, to guarantee the traceability of finish-of-lifetime batteries and dispose of them in accordance with European Union environmental standards. The growth of this arrangement will see SNAM gather Lithium-ion and Nickel Steel Hydride (NiMH) batteries from throughout Honda’s seller community and Authorised Treatment Services (ATF) in 22 nations, before analysing how acceptable they are for recycling and processing them accordingly.


Tom Gardner, Senior Vice President at Honda Motor Europe, explained: “As demand from customers for Honda’s expanding selection of hybrid and electric autos proceeds to mature so does the requirement to manage batteries in the most environmentally-friendly way probable. The latest industry developments may well allow for us to make use of these batteries in a 2nd lifetime application for powering organizations or by utilizing recent enhanced recycling strategies to recover useful raw components which can be made use of as feedstock into the generation of new batteries.”


Secure and very low carbon transportation is utilised for the selection of made use of traction batteries. On arrival, SNAM assesses which battery packs are valid for inclusion in a new electricity storage system. These are then repurposed and created accessible by SNAM for domestic and industrial apps.


When battery cells are destroyed and unsuitable for ‘second life’ apps, components these types of as cobalt and lithium can be extracted utilizing hydrometallurgy strategies involving the use of aqueous chemistry. These can be reused in the generation of new batteries, colour pigments or as useful additives for mortar. Other normally made use of components such as copper, steel and plastics are recycled and presented to the industry for use in the generation of a wide variety of apps.


Dealers can arrange and request the selection of finish-of-lifetime batteries for therapy and recycling by way of SNAM’s focused on the internet system. Collection can be arranged from centralised storage hubs in 15 functioning days, so that sellers do not have to retail store batteries at their premises. The arrangement applies to substantial ‘traction’ batteries made use of to power motors in hybrid and electric motor vehicles, as opposed to lesser batteries made use of for ignition in petrol or diesel autos.


SNAM is supportive to Honda’s actions on eco-conscious style of long run batteries, so that the environmental audio therapy of these batteries at the finish of their useful lifetime can be confirmed.





Société Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux (SNAM): SNAM was shaped as an offshoot of the metallurgical marketplace in 1981, and from the 1990s has recognized alone as a main player into the “loop economy”. SNAM’s wealth of working experience and renowned knowledge make it just one of handful of providers in the planet to have mastered the strategies for processing batteries and accumulators. A subsidiary of the Floridienne Team (chemistry division), SNAM is a corporation experiencing steady advancement: European environmental 14001 Certification acquisition of specialised subsidiaries (sorting of blended batteries, galvanisation procedures, etcetera). For a lot more facts, take a look at



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Honda in Europe has committed to its Electric Vision: that a hundred% of its mainstream auto selection will be electrified by 2022. The 1st product, CR-V Hybrid, was launched in 2019. For the duration of 2020, it will be joined by the total electric Honda e and the all-new Jazz e:HEV Hybrid.