Did you hear that? It did not seem like significantly, did it? Really silent. Did you really feel it? Just a whiff of passing vapor? Both that is the emissions of a fuel cell supercar, or a major entrepreneurial desire not lengthy for this earth. When you see it, however, it’s really hard to miss. That’s the Hyperion XP-1, which, immediately after a minor teasing, was formally uncovered in the online video above.

We really don’t have a lot of particulars still. Hyperion claims the hydrogen hypercar can travel 1,000 miles involving refueling — a process that takes mere minutes — and that it’ll do -sixty miles for every hour in a blistering 2.2 seconds. Its facet aero aspects not only aid deliver superior-velocity cornering stability, but they property photo voltaic panels, “which can articulate to observe the trajectory of the solar.” Hyperion, which also has aerospace and electrical power arms in addition to its automotive enterprise, options to generate the XP-1 in the U.S. starting off in 2022.

Confident, I was a minor flippant in my lede with the vaporware insinuation. We have found a lot of superior-tech, inexperienced cars and trucks occur and go with out earning significantly of a splash or nary a ripple in the market. We have found it go the other way, far too, and we’re continue to waiting on certain indicators of accomplishment from other individuals. Hyperion CEO Angelo Kafantaris referred to as the XP-1, in section, “an instructional tool for the masses.” He extra, “Aerospace engineers have lengthy recognized the strengths of hydrogen as the most abundant, lightest component in the universe and now, with this motor vehicle, customers will practical experience its incredible benefit proposition. This is only the starting of what can be achieved with hydrogen as an electrical power storage medium. The possible of this fuel is limitless and will revolutionize the electrical power sector.”

It’s straightforward (maybe even lazy) to be dismissive of hydrogen with all the gains battery electric powered motor vehicles are earning, but I continue to imagine hydrogen has a area in the inexperienced electrical power ecosystem, and I’m not on your own. Glimpse at Toyota, Hyundai, even a range of international locations that see a major potential for it in their economies. It currently has its problems (and hear to our Environmentally friendly Episode of the Autoblog Podcast for extra about that) but also a good deal of guarantee, if you know how to seem at it. Additionally, Hyperion claims it has a “plan to revolutionize the hydrogen refueling industry.” If that is the situation, it offers the XP-1 — and hydrogen cars and trucks in basic — a greater shot at accomplishment.

Anyway, examine out the neat fuel cell automobile from Hyperion in the online video and images above, and discussion about it — and about hydrogen — in the remarks.

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