Hyzon lightens truck hydrogen storage
Hyzon-made hydrogen tank storage techniques, for its gasoline mobile-driven business vehicles

Hyzon Motors stated it had designed a new onboard hydrogen storage system able of cutting down excess weight and producing value of business vehicles driven by hydrogen gasoline cells.

The patent-pending onboard storage integrates light-weight composite materials with the system’s metallic frame. It has the prospective to cut down the total excess weight of the system by forty three%, storage system costs by fifty two% and the necessary producing part depend by 75%, primarily based on a solitary-rack system with potential to retailer 5 hydrogen cylinders, the corporation stated.

In addition to cutting down the excess weight and costs, the new system can be configured to keep different numbers of hydrogen tanks. The smallest variation can keep 5 and can be extended to 7 for the reason that of its modular style. A different variation can keep 10 tanks, appropriate for trucks driving for a longer time distances.

When these configurations are mounted completely at the rear of the cab, a further configuration allows for an supplemental two tanks to be mounted each and every side of the truck, extending array with no cutting down trailer sizing.

Hyzon designed the system in Europe and the US and programs to develop the new system at Rochester, New York, and Groningen, the Netherlands for use on its very own vehicles all over the world.

It also expects to license this new system to other business vehicle companies.

The engineering has been set up in pilot trucks in Europe and is expected to be utilized for all vehicles commencing in Q4 2021.