PETERBOROUGH, England — The Jamaican bobsleigh crew is made use of to training with no snow, but the coronavirus lockdown has witnessed its male athletes vacation resort to pushing a car or truck around the streets of an English city to remain in form, with an eye on Olympic qualification.

Some inhabitants of Peterborough have offered their help to Shanwayne Stephens and Nimroy Turgott as they press a Mini down the road, prior to acknowledging it is section of a new training regime to perform around the closure of fitness centers in England.

“We experienced to appear up with our own techniques of replicating the type of pushing we need to have to do. So which is why we thought: why not go out and press the car or truck?” Stephens, 29, explained to Reuters.

“We do get some funny looks. We have experienced folks operate above, imagining the car’s damaged down, making an attempt to help us bump-start the car or truck. When we explain to them we are the Jamaica bobsleigh crew, the route is entirely distinctive, and they are extremely excited.”

The pair claimed they experienced been inspired by the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics men’s bobsleigh crew, immortalized in the 1993 movie “Awesome Runnings.”

But they claimed they aimed to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 and then outperform the 1988 crew, who did not formally end the four-gentleman bob opposition just after crashing.

“These men set a legacy, and a movie arrived out of it. For me personally, I want to surpass that level, and even go beyond that,” Turgott, 27, claimed.

Turgott, who commonly lives in Jamaica, has been staying with Stephens since January, and the pair experienced often planned to do summer time training in Britain, albeit in fitness centers rather than on roadways.

“If you are in a position to do the exact type of training with no the exact devices, then you really should be in a position to obtain extra with the right devices,” he claimed.

The pair are focused on qualifying for Beijing 2022. Although the woman’s crew competed for the initial time in 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the men’s crew failed to qualify.

“The final Olympics, we skipped it by just one slot. And now we are applying that experience as our inspiration relocating forward,” Turgott claimed.