If you lived in North America in 1967 and you preferred to show the neighbors you’d clawed your way to the peak of the good results pyramid, only a person car or truck would do: Cadillac Fleetwood. Modern Junkyard Gem is four,685 kilos of Normal Motors luxurious hardware, ultimately knocked off the street at age fifty three by an unfortunate wreck and now residing in a Denver self-provider wrecking lawn.

The Cadillac brand name endured some rough decades during the 1970s and eighties, but rode significant during the 1960s. The Fleetwood Sixty Particular Sedan begun at $6,423 in 1967, or just more than $50,000 when figured applying inflation-modified 2020 bucks. A Mercedes-Benz 250SE sedan set you back $6,385 that 12 months, but it weighed barely 50 percent as substantially and packed just 148 horses in opposition to the Cad’s 340. Definitely, you had to get a legitimate Rolls-Royce to out-swank the Fleetwood-driving Joneses back then (the Lincoln Continental and Imperial did not have fairly the snob appeal at that time), and the Roller expense extra than quite a few Fleetwoods put together.

This car or truck has been all around during its very long existence. On the windshield, we see 1980 and 1981 parking stickers from the Keeneland Club in Kentucky. This car or truck was by now 13 decades previous by that time, but continue to extremely stylish.

At some point, the car or truck need to have migrated to California. Here’s a U.C. Berkeley sticker.

This historical In-N-Out sticker arrives from the Southern California-only period of the famous hamburger chain.

From time to time it is challenging to ascertain the causes that an previous car or truck ended up in a put like this, but that is not a difficulty listed here. Let us hope the car’s occupants had their belts on (lap belts only in 1967, but continue to superior than absolutely nothing), since these previous Detroit land yachts did not have substantially in the way of strength-absorbing crumple zones.

The paint and inside are fairly rough, so this car or truck depreciated from remaining value probably a pair of grand to scrap value in an quick. 

Cruise management was a extremely exceptional possibility in 1967, and this car or truck has it.

The famous Fleetwood triple-tone horns were being continue to there when I got to this car or truck.

Under the hood, 429 cubic inches (seven. liters) of tremendous-easy Cadillac pushrod V8. This engine grew to 472 and then 500 cubic inches during the pursuing several decades.

The paint displays some fantastic patina.

Did I obtain the horns? Of system I acquired the horns — I usually bring my trusty light-weight junkyard toolbox when I head out to shoot some Junkyard Gems.

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