Shares of Lithia have been up two.7 % in premarket investing Wednesday to $347.eighty four.

Q3 earnings: $six.17 billion, up 70 % from a 12 months before

Q3 net earnings: $307.9 million, up 94 % from a 12 months before

Q3 modified earnings: $342 million, up one hundred fifteen % from a 12 months before

Automobile sales: Lithia bought 143,256 cars, new and applied, in the 3rd quarter, up 47 %. On a similar-retail outlet basis, Lithia bought 94,186 new and applied cars in the 3rd quarter, up a little from a 12 months before.

Records: Third-quarter earnings.

Lithia, of Medford, Ore., ranks No. 3 on Automotive Information‘ checklist of the leading one hundred fifty dealership groups based in the U.S., retailing 171,168 new cars in 2020. Its April acquisition of Suburban Selection can make Lithia the second-most significant group going forward.