We’re not so certain about the XT5’s transition into a coupe-SUV, however. The frontal aspect continues to be exclusive with the big Caddy grille and headlights formed like an elaborate selection 7, whilst kdesignag has employed a edition of the grille with chrome detailing for a much more high quality glance.

It really is the facet see that has us significantly less certain, however. By masking the entrance 50 % of the XT5 with your hand, you happen to be still left with what appears to be like like the rear of a notchback sedan. But whilst an abbreviated trunk style works on autos like the Mazda 3 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA-Course, here it just appears to be like like two halves of two extremely diverse cars which have been glued together. The taillights extend deep into the fender, as they do on some Caddy sedans like the CT5.