A exclusive option for Porsche customers is the available choice of buying up the new car at the manufacturing facility in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany. For an further rate, the customer receives a VIP lunch, a pay a visit to to the Porsche museum, a tour of the producing facility, and most importantly, hand-shipping of a recently procured Porsche clean off the line. The custom of the Porsche manufacturing facility shipping turns 70 this thirty day period, and Porsche unearthed some pictures of the initially manufacturing facility produce, as properly as quite a few other people from the company’s background.

Though the handover nowadays requires spot in a manufacturing facility or in a parking lot, the initially just one transpired in a industry in front of “Plant one” on Might 26, 1950. A professional of neurology and psychiatry, forty three-12 months-old Ottomar Domnick took shipping of his Fish Silver Porsche 356. Porsche factors out his age is a odd coincidence, as it parallels the 2020 handover of a Taycan to client Florian Böhme on his forty third birthday. 

Domnick experienced frequented the manufacturing facility beforehand, in accordance to Herbert Linge, a mechanic who began education at Porsche KG in 1943 and experienced taken Domnick for a push in his car prior to it was handed more than.

“I was 14 yrs old when I began operate at the initially Porsche education workshop,” Linge reported. “In these times, we were six mechanics and two technological draftsmen. Ferdinand Porsche normally walked earlier our workshop with essential friends in tow. He would always halt to say hello there though trying to keep his friends briefly waiting. That is something I’ll under no circumstances fail to remember. When Ottomar Domnick collected his Porsche 356, he seriously celebrated the occasion. But he experienced been coming to the manufacturing facility each day in any case to see how significantly on we were with the operate. Even Ferry Porsche briefly dropped in when the health care provider was introduced with his sporting activities car.”

The last impression in the gallery higher than displays a copy of Domnick’s primary purchase from 1949. It is significantly exclusive and a noteworthy relic, as it is written on a Volkswagen variety. Volkswagen has been crossed off and “Porsche-Activity” was written in its spot. Porsche states the purchase was processed by the Volkswagen Hahn dealership for the reason that there was no German revenue distribution at that time. “To this day, Ottomar Domnick’s Porsche 356 represents the beginning of Porsche in Germany,” a press release states.

Currently, roughly 20 deliveries each day, or about 2,500 for each 12 months, choose spot at Zuffenhausen.

In purchase, the gallery displays collections of a 356 in 1950, a 356 A 1500 GS Carrera Speedster in 1957, a 356 B Coupe in 1962, a 356 B (T6) in 1962, a 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Coupe in 1973, a 911 Turbo three. Coupe in 1976, a 959 Coupe in 1988, and a 911 Turbo three.three Coupe and 928 S Coupe.

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