Does The New Parking.Sg App Save You More Money Than Traditional Parking  Coupons?

Technology evolves everyday. How we use it to change how we do things is up to us. Airports across America have embraced technology when it comes to paying for parking and are using it to increase customer service when it comes to airport parking lots. The main idea is to make the process of finding parking easier, thus reducing the time spent looking for parking, giving you more time to check-in for your flight and get to your boarding gate on time. There are a few ways this can be done with options like pre booking a parking spot, in-garage baggage check-ins, signage, and mobile payments.

How is this being done?

Pre booking a parking space:

Most airports now offer you the convenience of advance booking for parking at the airport parking area. This reduces the hassle of trying to find a parking spot in a busy lot with high traffic. Pre booking also has the advantage of saving you money as most airports give discounts on reservations made in advance. With a range of services that allow you to pre book anything from flights to parking, you are also able to rent your car here.

In-garage baggage check-ins:

Some airports offer a service of in-garage baggage check-ins. This saves passengers the trouble of having to stand in long queues to check their luggage in for their flight. It also reduces the congestion in the airport terminal. 


An increase in signage means less time driving around the airport and possibly parking in an area where the cost is higher. This can make it worth the cost of the parking for passengers. Signage on highways can also direct customers to offsite parking options such as hotel airport parking facilities, and facilities owned by third parties. These facilities are designed to provide a cheaper option of parking your car at the airport.

Mobile payments:

Almost everyone owns a smartphone, and with the range of mobile payment apps that are downloadable, making a payment at an airport with your mobile phone is easy.Customers can use their phones to pay for things like parking on entry or exit, as well as the ability to pay for parking by scanning a ticket with an app. Parking can also be paid in person with services such as ApplePay, GooglePay or PayPal, which operate as a digital credit card, and can save you time and effort when making payments for parking at the airport. You would simply use your mobile phone to pay instead of swiping your card.

Parking at the airport is not limited to airport owned parking areas. Other options such as offsite airport parking areas and hotel airport parking are also available. These parking facilities also have the ability to be pre booked, saving you time and money. Customers can pay for parking in advance online using their credit cards, or with credit payment services such as ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal, ShopPay and in some instances Venmo. These payment services are all cardless.