Mansory Built An Armored 800 HP AMG G63 Because Of Course They Did

Whether you love or hate the custom creations from Mansory, there’s no denying the end-result is always distinctive. We’re used to seeing crazy Bentleys with bonkers color combinations, or Lamborghinis with crazy body kits, but we’ve never seen anything from Mansory quite like this. We’re not just talking about an armored-up Mercedes-AMG G63 either. We’ll explain that more in a bit.

First, let this sink in for a moment: a G-Class armored vehicle by Mansory. Who says protection for VIPs needs to be boring? All things considered, this G63 is one of the tamest Mansory upfits we’ve seen, and

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Mercedes Secretly Testing New C-Class AMG

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class was just provided a refresh but the following-era version, which must arrive in the 2021 model yr, has currently been spotted going through screening. When we previous spotted the following-era C-Class, it was putting on hefty camouflage shielding new headlight, grille, and taillight types that must vary greatly from the present model. We count on a debut in late 2020 with AMG versions to abide by in 2021 and our spy photographers may perhaps have just captured all those AMG versions.

Pictured here is a row of camouflaged C-Class examination mules that look to have the AMG

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