Audi A4 Reviews | Overview

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Following switching to Audi’s new naming coverage and acquiring an gear enhance in 2019, Audi’s best-at any time mid-sizer – the B9-era A4 (and its much more seductive A5 cousin) – has been gifted a midlife makeover for 2020.


Visually, that usually means a lot for the slightly older A4 sedan and A4 Avant wagon than it does for the much more rakish A5 Sportback, Coupe and Cabriolet. 


Audi has altered almost every

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Audi RSQ8-R By ABT Helps Celebrate Tuner’s 125th Birthday With 740 HP

SUV with exceptional signature – Intriguing restricted ABT RSQ8-R with aero package provides 315 km/h

In 2021, ABT Sportsline will rejoice its 125th birthday. To enhance the anticipation of the anniversary even more, there is now precisely one particular ABT RSQ8-R for every single of these many years. This strictly restricted product is the greatest expansion stage of a car or truck, which with 600 hp (441 kW) and 800 Nm in generation trim, has currently set a Nordschleife document for SUVs. A shorter time later, ABT Sportsline upped the ante with a general performance enhance* to deliver seven hundred

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Audi A6 RS6 Avant Reviews | Overview

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THE unique RS6 Avant, introduced in Australia seventeen a long time ago, was a god. Not as pure as a handbook-only, normally aspirated E39 BMW M5, most likely, but a legend all the similar, and the auto that kickstarted Audi’s RS legacy in this nation.


Sporting Audi’s iconic ‘Avant’ overall body design, with quattro all-wheel drive and a wild 331kW twin-turbo V8, the 1st RS6 debuted Dynamic Experience Management

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2021 Audi Q5 prices and expert review

A new facial area and improved tech are just the start off for the 2021 Audi Q5. As the automaker’s ‘tweener crossover among the lesser (but nonetheless big) Q3 and greater (and even greater) three-row Q7, the Q5 is a segue to electrification-curious consumers, and even some performance-leaning consumers.

Blunter: The 2021 Q5 demands to do a good deal. It is a 6.four before protection is factored in, so this rating could rise. (Go through additional about how we amount autos.)

The information this yr is an update to its entrance and rear bumpers, alongside with a 10.1-inch touchscreen with

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New Audi Q5 facelift means fresh looks inside and out plus extra tech

Audi has launched a facelifted variation of the Q5. The revised SUV functions a handful of design and technology tweaks, which Audi hopes will keep it aggressive with the likes of the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC and Jaguar F-Speed. It’ll go on sale in July, priced from £42,950, with first deliveries due to get there in September.

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The beauty revisions are rather restrained. Styling alterations involve new LED headlamps, a somewhat narrower radiator grille and a tweaked front bumper, with larger air intakes. Audi has also fitted a pair of

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