This RWD Celica With Lexus V8 Swap Was Built By A Toyota Engineer

Motor swaps are a dime a dozen in the aftermarket arena. Normally, it is an LS swap – a GM-sourced V8 slipped less than the hood of all forms of steel. There are crazier swaps out there, of course, but the LS swap is common for a reason. Even then, it is not everyone’s go-to engine of preference, primarily for a person Toyota engineer, according to the advertisement. A new listing on Fb Market, identified by our colleagues at Highway & Observe, is featuring an engine-swapped Toyota Celica, not with a GM V8, but a person from a Lexus.

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Mansory Built An Armored 800 HP AMG G63 Because Of Course They Did

Whether you love or hate the custom creations from Mansory, there’s no denying the end-result is always distinctive. We’re used to seeing crazy Bentleys with bonkers color combinations, or Lamborghinis with crazy body kits, but we’ve never seen anything from Mansory quite like this. We’re not just talking about an armored-up Mercedes-AMG G63 either. We’ll explain that more in a bit.

First, let this sink in for a moment: a G-Class armored vehicle by Mansory. Who says protection for VIPs needs to be boring? All things considered, this G63 is one of the tamest Mansory upfits we’ve seen, and

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