Bentley reveals new carbon fibre pack for Continental GT and Bentayga

Bentley has added a new carbon fibre styling package deal to both of those the Continental GT and Bentayga’s considerable lists of customisation alternatives. The update will price roughly £8,five hundred on the coupe and £17,000 on the SUV, boosting the two cars’ base-costs to around £160,000 and £140,000 respectively.

The styling package deal was made by the engineering crew liable for the aero components on the unique version Pikes Peak Continental GT, and features a further carbon fibre splitter, broader carbon fibre aspect skirts and a bigger carbon fibre diffuser to the conventional-difficulty Continental GT and Bentayga.

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McLaren 720S Spider Fury By TopCar Gets A Dose Of Carbon Fiber

The McLaren 720S Spider is among the tuning companies’ favourite supercars. We’ve found two spectacular initiatives centered on the open-prime beast by Novitec and now their colleagues at TopCar are signing up for them with a carbon fiber-wealthy 720S Spider carrying the Fury nickname.

Carbon fiber is indeed the critical term right here as the Russian specialists have centered on establishing a full entire body package for the supercar created totally from the lightweight but ultra-powerful material. The package consists of a new entrance skirt insert, a modified spotlight/air scoop mount, a multi-piece spoiler lip, and a new entrance panel

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UK consults on lower carbon fuel | Automotive Industry News

Britain is consulting on plans for E10, a lower carbon fuel made with up to 10% ethanol, to become the standard grade of petrol at UK filling stations from next year.

By increasing the ethanol content of petrol, E10 has the potential to cut CO2 from transport by 750,000 tonnes per year, maintains Britain’s Department for Transport. That is the equivalent to taking around 350,000 cars off the road it claims.

“The next 15 years will be absolutely crucial for slashing emissions from our roads, as we all start to feel the benefits of the transition to a zero-emission future,”

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