Parking spaces with electric car chargers should have green signs

Parking areas with electric motor vehicle chargers ought to have green signage to make them stand out, eight out of 10 drivers say.

A substantial obstacle to electric motor vehicle possession is a perceived absence of general public charge points, even however there are more of these than there are fuel station forecourts in the Uk. With this in intellect, eighty five for each cent of seventeen,628 AA customers who were being surveyed in February 2020 mentioned that parking areas equipped with EV chargers ought to be specified unique green signage in purchase to make them stand out.

The normal

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Number of supermarket EV chargers doubles in two years

More than 600 supermarkets in the UK now offer electric vehicle charging facilities, with a total of 1,115 chargers between them

The number of electric vehicle charge points at supermarkets has doubled in two years, new data reveals.

Supermarkets across the UK installed 542 electric car charging points between October 2017 and the end of 2019, bringing the total number of chargers to 1,115 across 608 sites, and representing a 95 per cent increase over the period.

The data, compiled by Zap-Map and analysed by the RAC, shows 6.5 per cent of all electric vehicle charge points in the UK

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