Ford Raptor Bus Is Russia’s Bad-Ass Idea Of A 6×6 Off-Road Monster

Rough isn’t the very first term most would associate with the Ford Econoline – the company’s go-to van considering the fact that 1961. But this isn’t your regular entire-measurement van, possibly. It is jacked up with an added axle and a front conclusion stolen appropriate off a Ford Raptor. It appears improved suited for the Baja a thousand instead of flower deliveries, but which is just us. The generation will come from Ford Sector in Moscow, Russia, an aftermarket create shop, and it’s named the Ford RaptorBus.

Nuts 6×6 automobiles are not new, but they are not ordinarily a van,

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Mercedes Sprinter Becomes Off-Road Van With Suspension Mods, Chunky Tires

Press Launch – VANSPORTS.DE, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 (W907)
VANSPORTS.DE: Sprinter goes off-road

For far more than a quarter of a century, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has gained a standing as THE universal, dynamic van. Just like the VW Golfing has for compacts, the title Sprinter has even grow to be considerably synonymous with its car variety. The professionals at Heinz Hartmann GmbH immediately determined the life style opportunity concealed absent in the successor to the legendary Mercedes-Benz T1, also acknowledged as the “Bremer Transporter”. In 2003, they presented the HARTMANN SP1 with reducing and large wheels, preempting the delivery of the

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