Chao then attempted to sue Tesla in Tianjin, but the firm submitted a jurisdiction dispute seeing as it is headquartered in Beijing. Chao then submitted a lawsuit there. Tesla attempted to wriggle out of the accusations, and attempted to show that the problems was not structural in character, and even claimed that slicing and welding new pieces would make the car or truck more robust.

Nevertheless, Tesla was convicted on December four, 2020 and purchased to might Mr. Chao RMB379,700 ($59,000) and an added RMB1,139,100 ($176,000) as a penalty for committing fraud.

Tesla appealed the final decision on December 6, 2020 and introduced in two “gurus” to weigh in on the point out of the car or truck. Neither inspected the genuine car or truck, but gave testimony dependent on pics delivered by Tesla, which did not sit suitable with Chao, and evidently not with the court docket, which at the time once again dominated in favor of Chao.