Tesla’s Autopilot function is finding a new trick. Autopilot will soon be equipped to drive by means of green lights routinely, even if there isn’t yet another auto in entrance of the car, Electrek reports.

As with previous Autopilot program rollouts, Tesla is getting careful. “Traffic Light-weight and Stop Indication Control” will only allow for Teslas to commence by means of an intersection with out a guide auto if the car is touring on a very clear, straight route.

In some, but not all conditions, Autopilot could possibly talk to the driver to ensure that the car can commence by means of the intersection. For occasion, it will demand affirmation if the car is currently stopped when the light-weight turns green. In other conditions, the driving line visualization will flip green, and the car will drive by means of the intersection routinely. This is relatively very similar to the way Tesla rolled out its Autopilot lane-change function, which 1st essential driver affirmation.

Earlier this year, a video showed Tesla’s Autopilot routinely stopping at crimson lights, so autonomously touring by means of green lights is the future rational evolution. Tesla is expected to release a “fundamental rewrite” of its Autopilot program by the close of the year. Individuals variations ought to allow for Tesla to introduce new options at a more rapidly price. 

This tale by Christine Fisher originally appeared on Engadget.

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