Following the Bronco and its lesser, unibody cousin the Ford Bronco Sport start, Ford will be watching their performance in the showroom closely as they make a decision whether to broaden “Bronco” into its own off-road automobile sub-manufacturer.

“We have to leverage what we’re good at,” 1 source told Autoweek, remarking that “far more Broncos is a no-brainer.” The identical source explained that a Mustang sub-manufacturer may possibly also be on the desk – a risk that’s been debated by pundits at any time considering the fact that Ford pulled the wraps off of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E electrical crossover. Mustang-branded motor vehicles would be “the far more performance-oriented” of the two, the source explained, leaving Bronco styles to be far more rugged and off-road-oriented.

The magazine’s source even eluded to a entire electrical Ford Bronco EV on the drawing board. Taking into consideration the speedy movement into this space, we can barely say we’re surprised at this level. But, like the Mach-E, there is positive to be plenty of friction from the Bronco traditionalists. Further more specifics are not known, but it is straightforward to see Ford leverage Rivian technological know-how to produce its own edition of an electrical off-roader.