The ‘structural’ factor of the box relates to the fact that the suspension procedure is instantly mounted on top rated of the transmission, partially outlining why the car or truck is so prolonged.

Climbing aboard the Essenza, the F1-style steering wheel residences controls for the Stomach muscles braking procedure, the traction management, and the engine mapping configurations. Notably, the extremely-strong carbon fiber monocoque negates the require for a metal roll cage, compared with in previous Lambo observe autos. Aerodynamically, there is a great deal to get in. It really is not just the visible theater of a car or truck that tends to make an Aventador search tame, but the performance that has gone into the Essenza’s design and style. At one hundred fifty five mph, 2,646 lbs of downforce is created.

Tozzi moves on to broaden on Lamborghini’s new Purest Observe Program. Effectively, Lamborghini wants to stimulate those 40 lucky customers to travel the Essenza as intended.