A locked down April 2020 Uk resulted in an “exceptional rise” for April 2021 Uk motor output, according to the Modern society of Motor Producers and Traders (SMMT).

Uk factories made 129,691 engines very last month, up on just one,147 in April 2020.

Calendar year to day 2021 output was down 22.nine% on the 5 year ordinary for the month.

None the considerably less, year to day output rose 10.4% year on year to 665,195 models, driven by enhanced output for the domestic current market, but was however down on the 5-year ordinary.

Mike Hawes, SMMT main executive, said: “April motor output was generally going to be up, as very last year factory operations ceased amidst the height of the first lockdown. The sector, even so, is a long way off a comprehensive restoration and motor output levels continue being significantly lower than ahead of the pandemic. It is now essential that a strategy is executed to guidance Uk motor producing competitiveness, including actions to enable companies transition to making subsequent generation powertrains.”