The Bluebird nameplate really dates again many years to a time when Nissan was however referred to as Datsun. In point, the Bluebird is the Japanese automaker’s most internationally identified auto, even though it is really significantly far more known as getting a sedan. There were being, nonetheless, some wagon physique kinds launched in excess of the yrs. Some even built it to the US. The Bluebird nameplate has considering the fact that been retired and products like the Nissan Maxima took its position. Of program, there is no wagon edition of the Maxima and there hardly ever will be.

Aside from some observed corrosion less than the hood, rear hatch hinges, and beneath, this old Bluebird wagon seems to be in really great condition. As of this creating, the maximum bid was only $one,000 even though this will undoubtedly climb in the direction of the auction’s close date.