Personalities are like fingerprints – each is unique in its distinctive way.

While you might think you can disclose people’s personalities based on how they talk and act, you’ve barely scratched the surface. The psychology of personalities is not in any way narrow, as it contains hundreds of theories and studies.

Little do you know that there’s a vast array of indicators that help unveil people’s true colors, other than the personas they put on. For example, the color of their precious possessions, such as their cars, reveals a lot about their identities.

The color you choose for your vehicle reflects your inner personality in the vehicle’s exterior, so choosing the right color adds value to your vehicle if you want to sell your car in UAE.


People with a refined taste for things choose silver for their car color, as they have an innovative brain and strive for practicality.

The neutral color does an excellent job of hiding dust particles, making it super convenient for your busy lifestyle. You’re most likely an overachiever who loves your job, which makes you stress yourself from working too hard at times.

Do you know what silver cars resemble? Stainless steel appliances. That reminds us that silver enthusiasts tend to be sophisticated and are more likely into modern technology.

That metallic gleam reflects the fanciness of the driver and his classy taste. It also adds value to your car, which is ideal if you want to get a car valuation in Dubai.


Green lovers are filled with confidence and couldn’t care less about what others think of them.

It’s not often you spot a green car, which is a strong indicator that you don’t feel inclined to hop on the bandwagon; You’re bold enough to stand out, not fearing the judgment of others.

Since green symbolizes nature, you’re more likely a nature lover who is prone to pull over to watch breathtaking scenery or a pretty sunset. Moreover, you deeply care about the environment and take a hand to save it, such as filling your car with environment-friendly fuel.

Some people might take advantage of your peace-loving and patient nature, so you should always be aware.


Red brings out the fierce and bold persona of everyone who chooses it. This vibrant color indicates that the person is an extrovert who loves life and strives to make the best out of it.

When you see someone driving a red car, know that they’re the life of the party and are loved for their fun and energetic yet impulsive character. They love being in the spotlight and always try their best to attract attention.

Their ego often gets shattered if someone points out their shortcomings.


The blue color reflects the calmness of the ocean and the serenity of the skies, and that’s precisely how you can describe people who drive blue cars.

Their impeccable honesty and stability differentiate them from other drivers, not to mention the high levels of compassion they have for all the people they care about.

It’s safe to say that you can always trust someone driving a blue car, regardless of the shade. They’re definitely the most reliable of the bunch and have a high sense of wisdom and clarity.


Yellow screams happiness, so if your car is yellow, you most likely have a joyful spirit and love to have fun.

Your vast imagination sprinkled with witty humor is what makes you attractive, not to mention your great mind of business that qualifies you to succeed in that field.

“A person who chooses yellow really knows that they’re going to be noticed and they usually have a great sense of humor,” says Eisman. “They have a sunny disposition.”

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