The search for completely autonomous cars is like “holy grail”. Biomater system and artificial intelligence have helped automakers deploy and develop self-driving and connected vehicles. The self-driven cars promise future roads without any accidents. Making a new mobility ecosystem resilient and secure means battling with various cybersecurity issues, as different […]

Getting a refinance car loan has now become very easy to come by and very convenient. With most of the lenders who offer online loan facilities approving (or declining) your application in less than a day – in many instances you can get a response in under an hour – […]

From time to time you will see a “Green Pea” (new car sales person) come out of training and hit the sales floor with their new found car sales knowledge and start selling cars. This person follows their sales training and car salesman tips to the letter and starts making […]

First it was steam-powered cars. Then it became gasoline-powered cars. Now, air-powered cars are to come this way. This only shows that man has advanced so much when it comes to vehicle technology. But what really are air-powered cars? For those who don’t know yet, it is a type of […]

So your car finally kicked the bucket and you need to look into getting a new car. Are you thinking about taking out a car loan? Car loans are available for individuals to purchase their new dream car. While you are researching the things that are important to you in […]

We are constantly being surrounded by pictures of what our future car could look like. It’s always a sleek and slender design that has the body covering the tyres. How practical could these models really be though? The older cars from the 70’s were incredibly wide that took up a […]

If you need a new vehicle, you better check out the new Nissan cars. This is the best option if you want a well-rounded car without hurting your budget. All you have to do is find the best type that will suit your needs. Whether you need a four-door type […]